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As I approached a camp and saw all the tipis, all the individuals brought together as defenders of water, I found myself pushing back tears. Ranging in age from infants to elders, people had traveled from all over the country and the world to stand in solidarity with the protesters. Wake up, and remember why you are here! Our prayers would be for those who opposed us, those who supported us from afar and those who were among us. These prayers continued all day and all night in many forms. It was truly a wonderful place to be. When I left the camp after a month, I wept again. This time, I felt like I was walking away from my family in their moment of dire need as the police kept pushing towards our sacred site.

But my resolve remains: We should take this opportunity to shift away from fossil fuels. Here are some of the portraits I took while in Standing Rock.

At night, Will would sit, sing and drum, and people would emerge from the dark to join him before disappearing into the starry night. Caro works with Bernie Sanders and the National Congress of American Indians to create policy solutions that respect indigenous people; she is also an organizer for Idle No More , an indigenous movement that defends the earth, water, land and air from environmental degradation and destruction. Caro is committed to staying at Standing Rock for as long as it takes to stop the pipeline.

Here, she kneels in prayer before the police.

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A protester smudges the air with sage, an act of purification that helps clear negative energy from a place. This sacred tradition is one of the daily peaceful practices at all the Standing Rock camps and on the front lines of the protest.

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He says he knows that if she were still alive, she would have been there. Actor Wes Studi stands next to a fellow water protector holding an eagle staff. An eagle staff is passed from generation and generation, accumulating the medicine, or energy, of those who have carried it and the brave acts it has witnessed. To have a staff at Standing Rock brings its medicine to the area as a form of protection and honor. Wes traveled to the protests from Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his son so that they could show their dedication to protecting the lands and livelihood for all indigenous peoples.

Many of the people wore bandanas on their faces to preserve their anonymity.

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Jade told me that being at Standing Rock was the first time in her life she has ever felt like she belonged. Mike came to help as part of the security team at Oceti Sakowin. The first president was Cyrus Peck and the first vice president was Frederick M. Ballantine was appointed to the Essex County Park Commission. Frederick Law Olmsted created a preliminary design for the reservation which was further developed by the Olmsted Firm in the early 's.

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The Gates Avenue entrance was also added. It had also served as a beer garden and an ice-cream pavilion. This was an open masonry shelter with a series of arches. It has since been transformed into the Highlawn Pavilion restaurant. This saved the structure, which had been subject to vandalism and slated for demolition. The term "casino" refers to an Italian style county dwelling or summer house. The park was a famous spot where week-enders congregated. Visitors would travel by trolley from New York, transfer in Newark, take another trolley via the Orange line to Harrison Avenue where passengers either walked up the mountain to the top or transferred to the Eagle Rock line.

Automobile enthusiasts of that period held races up the cobblestone roadway of Eagle Rock Avenue terminating in Eagle Rock Park.

9 Best Eagle Rock Reservation images | West orange, Nyc, Orange nj

Even today antique car buffs race their vintage cars up the steep grade. The Steps fell into disrepair and they gradually disappeared. It is now the Highlawn Pavilion. Joseph Fagan. Images of America: Eagle Rock Reservation. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Press. The "Old Casino" located at the edge of the cliff, now converted into the Highlawn Pavilion restaurant, noted for its excellent cuisine and spectacular view.

Hiking trails. Picnic area. Softball diamond. Predominantly a red oak forest, with a unique red maple wetland in the northern section of the tract.

Eagle Rock Reservation is a The mountain got its name in the early 19th century, when bald eagles were said to nest in the rocky cliffs on the eastern edge.