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Bumblebee Class / Age 3

Loved by students and faculty alike, Ms. Yadi has been teaching with knowledge, enthusiasm and joy in our school for years. Amazingly energetic and driven, Ms. From our parents themselves! Thank you, Little Angels team, for all that you do!

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Laura Patterson. Currently, my youngest is enrolled and our experience has been nothing but positive. They are always looking for ways to improve the already top-notch quality of Little Angels. My daughter looks forward to going to school every day and comes home singing new songs and sharing what she has learned in the classroom. Thanks Little Angels for all that you do! Carol Leiva. Carmen Corona. In those 3 years she has grown to love the Little Angels family.

They have established routines and expectations that really help little children thrive. They also make you feel like a family with all of the activities that they plan throughout the year such as a thanksgiving potluck, Holiday Concerts , movie nights and so forth. She is now in elementary school and I can say that the preparation from Little Angels has her at the top of her class!

I would recommend Little Angels to my family and friends without hesitation. Mayra Soto. This place is just awesome! Imagine my surprise as he reads the names of the crayons from his crayola box. I'm thrilled that he is learning some Spanish. Within 2 weeks of attending here, my little guy was potty trained! I can't express how relieved I was about this.


He has so much fun here, he's made lots of sweet little friends. I just adore all the teachers who are so caring and really patient. They are the real gems of this place. I can tell they love what they do. It is so organized, they communicate very well with me as a parent. Also, sending home the coloring pages with the Take Home sheet provides parents with much needed help in reinforcing the lessons. You can make a nice little booklet each week with the Take Home Sheet on top -- I promise that most parents will appreciate the effort!

Receive name tags.

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Have the children use crayons, markers, yarn, feathers and whatever other materials such as sparkle glue that you have available to personalize their name tag. Craft time! Encourage the children to put it in their room and to think about God and angels watching over them when they are frightened about something. Encourage the children to hang it on the fridge at home or hang it next to their bed.

Note: Keep in mind there are various angel crafts. Ask if they should pray to God or pray to angels and who is more important.

What kind of things do they think angels do to help God? How can they be an "angel" to someone else? They focus on one letter per week, with art, cooking, and phonics around that letter. The children also have choices of classroom and outdoor areas. These are the times when art, dramatic play, science, blocks, bicycles, gardening and play structures are a choice. These activities are often related to a monthly unit the class is studying. During the morning there are 40 minutes of centers.

At this time they are rotated between different stations such as Manipulatives, Writing, Math and Listening. The Butterflies have a music teacher on Thursdays and Fridays to add to their music experience. Exclusive to this class is monthly Chapel Time for simple bible lessons. Teaching at Little Angels is a dream come true.